Selling a Domain

All you need to do is look at how good businesses sell products. It involves a few key attributes which can be universally applied:

  • Market Research
  • Liquidity Assessment
  • Cost Analysis
  • Product Appraisal
  • Marketing and Networking

These five essential points lead to the final three steps:

  • Lead Generation : You start finding potential buyers for your domains
  • Negotiation: Talks begin over the final selling price of your domains and some leads respond
  • Sale: Finally you will reach a bargain where you find the best value and the buyer finds it fit to pay a discussed amount for your domains. You make a sale!

So, what is the first step a seller must take to sell his or her product? It’s simple: Enter the marketplace where that product is sold. As far as domains are concerned there a several popular ways they can be sold. Some of the most popular domain sales channels are:

  1. Display a “Domain for sale” message and a contact form on your domain’s home page
  2. List them on Domain Sale sites such as GoDaddy, Flippa, Sedo, Afternic, etc.
  3. List them on Domain Sale Forums such as DnForum, NamePros, Inforum, etc.
  4. Hire Individual Brokers or Brokerage Firms
  5. Direct peer-to-peer selling

Before entering the marketplace of your choice and entering your first quotes you should recapitulate on every aspect of your domain once again. One key factor is that you should classify your domain according to various parameters. It helps in finding targeted potential buyers for your domain and trims the time lags. Some the most obvious categories can be:

  • Brandable domains
  • Keyword Domains (Which can be further classified based on the keywords involved)
  • Ultra-Premium Domains ( Like or
  • One Word Category Killers (Like or