How to Find Domain Owners in Seconds

How to Find Domain Owners in Seconds


The most crucial part of selling domains is finding buyers. Once you are out there selling domains. Your first action is to find the right buyer for your domains. For this purpose there is one thing which many newcomers fall short on. It is not keeping your WHOIS information up to date and easy to reach for prospective buyers.

Updated WHOIS information can work both ways. Let me explain it from the buyer point of view first. Suppose there is this buyer who is looking to buy content related domains. You have a domain called Suppose the buyer somehow finds this domain and tries to contact you. Somehow he can’t. Can you guess the reason?

It is because you have not made efforts to make it easy for buyers to find you. Certain things may be absent from your domain like:

  • No sales or CTA page
  • No contact form
  • No up-to-date WHOIS information

Therefore sellers must take proper steps to ensure that buyers can reach them.

Now how can you find a potential buyer for your domain in seconds? The secret is hidden in two tools: namebio and

This is how I do it:

  1. Let’s consider my example, where I have a domain related to divorce like
  2. Now I would go to
  3. In the keyword search area I enter divorce, do not mark any filters and hit search. Just like this:1
  4.  move on to check out the search results now:1

As you can clearly see, there will be a list of similar domain names sold previously in chronological order. Through this list you get names of domains similar to yours. This is very important indication as the people who have bought these domains might like to own

Now suppose you select a top recent sale and wish to find the information regarding the buyer. With the next tool, you will get even the phone numbers of the domain owners in seconds!!

  1. Visit
  2. Enter in the search and hit it
  3. You will get this screen:

If the owner has not made the domain private then his details will be listed here. As you can see the owner’s email and name are mentioned clearly.1

Most of the domain owners today don’t make their information private. I agree with their inclination. It helps them get more leads. Now let’s see a trick about how to know the exact place where your domain can sell!!