Hello, I am Aishwin Vikhona, an #Entrepreneura #Domain Investora #Domain Experta #Domain Brokera #Names Consultant

I have tons of Premium Domains like VKH.comVJL.comYOT.comVMR.comFR.coFM.coSmart.co

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Web Development

Do you need to setup an online business? With years of experience in here, I can help you setup a website.

Online Marketing

Do you need an extended team to work with you on your product / service? I have an experienced team and I can work with you to streamline your marketing needs.

Want to sell your domain?

With over thousands of domains in portfolio and having sold 100’s of domains, I can help you sell the domain you have. Contact me with your list.

Product Development

Starting from the idea validation, to design, development, mobile app development to a benchmark of first 100 users. I can do it all.





Windows based application to extract whois information in bulk.

BulkWhoisFinder is a Software to gather the bulk data of domain owners including their geographic addresses, email address and phone number.The software has free / paid versions available, and its a useful tool to find bulk whois info of domains.

My book on Domains



Sell Domains Fast

A Step by step guide to help you make more money by selling domain names.

Dive into a successful domain investor’s business and see a first-hand analysis of what is working in the domain name industry today, which has churned out several millionaires. Read what it takes to sell your domain names for a profit and build a sustainable business.

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